In which the author becomes a cylon

Kardigan: szomorú hírem van
Kardigan: cylon vagy.
me: nemis!
Kardigan: láttalak az imént a kisboltban
me: teljesen kizart!
Kardigan: ahol nem lehettél
me: fel se alltam a szekembol orak ota
Kardigan: tehát egy cylonklódon volt
me: no wai
Kardigan: sleeper vagy, vanilyen :)
me: :((

3 thoughts on “In which the author becomes a cylon

  1. Sapan

    as soon as they were talking about reonrmattifg the hard drive I was ready to get my screwdriver and help them out ’cause I’m no *so* the expert at this now!Don’t you wish your computer had this kind of recovery speed? Reinstalling windows from scratch usually takes 2-3 hours (if you count formating, all the rebooting, installing all the drivers and etc). Linux is a little better at this (you usually reboot once, and most of the stuff works out of the box), but not all hardware is supported It also kinda scared me a whee bit that even my laptop knows what’s going to happen on BSG.Oh no! You must have caught the Cylon virus too! lol Btw, if a Sharon model Cylon pops out in your apartment one day offering to help with the infection, can you package her nicely and send here here once you are done? Um This is strictly for scientific purposes actually. No really I’m just interested in Er scientifically investigating the physiological differences between Cylons and humans. a0|a0


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