Jason once told me that he thought my English writing skills were quite good. The jury is still out on that one, but I do enjoy practicing my English and that includes writing. I get less chance to actually speak it nowadays, unfortunatelly, and even less time doing it with native speakers; I did get the chance to present in it on budapest.js a short time ago, though, and I enjoyed it immensely.

By the way, I’m starting to enjoy public speaking more and more: I had a short, 10-minute session on memoQFest.hu about everything that can go wrong with a memoQ server, and it turned out pretty good.

In any case, right now I’m deliberating between opening a separate, English blog or just continue writing this one mixed-language. We’ll see.

One thought on “English

  1. krisztina

    I hope you’ll have the change to practice English speaking more often even with native ones, or just writing in English! It’s wonderful you have plans to always improve your English and I’m sure that you’ll get the reward on doing this!!!!!!


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