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Addendum a desktoplinuxos temahoz

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The most irritating example in GNOME 3.0 is the deliberate decision to leave the reboot and shutdown options off of the system menu by default.


Fortunately, there is an easy fix. You simply have to install the gnome-shell-extensions-alternative-status-menu package from the Fedora repository.


In the default configuration, users can no longer see files and folders on their desktop.


One of the most controversial design decisions in GNOME 3.0 leading up to the desktop’s launch was the removal of the minimize and maximize buttons from window titlebars.


Az egesz cikk tanulsagos, mindenkepp erdemes elolvasni. Fel fogok valamire rakni egy Fedora 15-ot mostmar es megnezni, milyen meglepetesek vannak meg ezen felul…

(az ‘easy’ kiemelese tolem. yum install nagyon-hosszu-pekizsnev, easy fix, mi?)

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