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Apple switched their computers from using Motorola 68K processors to Motorola/IBM PowerPC processors between 1994 and 1996. Since the Macintosh operating system, called System 7 at that time, was mostly written in 68K assembly, it could not be easily converted into a PowerPC operating system. Instead, most of the system was run in emulation: The new “nanokernel” handled and dispatched interrupts and did some basic memory management to abstract away the PowerPC, and the tightly integrated 68K emulator ran the old operating system code, which was modified to hook into the nanokernel for interrupts and memory management. So System 7.1.2 for PowerPC was basically a paravirtualized operating system running inside emulation on top of a very thin hypervisor. ****(The History of OS Migration)

Ilyen, és egyéb érdekességekről (pl. a DOS 1.0 különböző részeinek reverse engineeringje) lehet olvasni a pagetable.com-on.

(Credits: Angyalnap osztotta meg readeren.)

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